All You Need To Know About Cool Bongs From Tokeplanet

For a seamless smoking experience, nothing beats a bong. The concept of smoking through liquid is almost as old as smoking itself. But why did humanity decide to develop a new method of ingesting therapeutic herbs? Smokers refer to them as bubblers, billys, water pipes, bingers, and so on. The public is split about Cool Bongs from Tokeplanet, with some claiming it is safer on spurious scientific grounds.

How Do Bongs Function?

Bongs can be as simple as a bowl holding weed and a compartment. They can be astonishingly artsy and sophisticated. Whatever their level of craftsmanship, they are ultimately intended for marijuana smoking. It begins with lighting the dried marijuana in the dish, which produces smoke as it burns. When a smoker breathes, the smoke passes through the bubbling water, the compartment, and your mouth. The blow of pipes differs from that of a combined or direct line, which is dry and hot. It is instead defined as creamy and smooth.

Primary Bong Types

From the first Homosapien drug user who decided to make one out of a bamboo tube, bongs have evolved a great deal. Smoke is filtered in a range of ways in modern bongs, including:

  • Water is used to filter the vapor in standard bongs.
  • Ice bongs further cool the smoke, allowing for a super-smooth blow. These bongs have rungs inside the tube that catch ice as it melts.
  • Recyclers- To cool down herb smoke, reuse bongs using a two-chamber system.
  • Percolators-Percolators add a layer of cooling and filters. Percolators come in several styles, including inline, tree, shower nozzle, and honeycomb.


Bongs generate smoother hits

One major disadvantage of ingesting marijuana through burning (smoking) is that inhaling it can annoy the throat. Hot smoke entering the lungs directly through joint blunts or dry pipes causes an unpleasant burning sensation that may deter newcomers.

When you use a bong, the vapor cools in the bongwater, giving you a smoother hit once you inhale it. Of course, you’ll still cough occasionally, but smoking from a bong is far healthier than smoking.

Improved filtration

Carcinogens are produced when anything is on fire. Unfortunately, a bong cannot remove all toxicants and other pollutants. Using a bong, however, can reduce the number of toxic components in your airways because they are sifted through the water.

Bongs are not only useful, but they can also be great conversation starters. Glass is a material that is available in a variety of colors. Many experienced stoners prefer to use a glass bong. It’s the only solution that lets users take a big rip. Newcomers should proceed with caution and gradually increase their hits.