Major Hair Wedding Decisions Every Bride Should Make

Weddings are not that easy to plan. Preparing for your hair and makeup should be done ahead of time. If you already have a preferred hairstylist, there is important information that you need from them. So before you hire a Hair and make-up in San Bernardino, know the most important things you should take seriously.

Be Realistic With Your Ideas

Your hairstylist has the training and experience when it comes to wedding hairstyles. But remember that they are not magicians. So you have to be realistic about whatever hair design that you want to achieve. You have to pick a style that complements your face shape, your dress, and your wedding style.

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Be Open-Minded To New Styles

There are women who are not too crazy about the latest hair and fashion trends. If this is you, then you can keep it simple, but not dull. Do not be afraid to try something new. Let yourself to try new hair ideas from your hairstylist. And this is why wedding hair trials can are important. This way, you can decide whether the hairdo is something that would like or not.

Know The Weather

The weather is a factor that you have to consider when choosing your wedding hairdo. It plays a significant role in the hairstyle that will work on your wedding day. For example, you have a beach or an outdoor wedding where you expect the wind to blow your hair, an updo or a ponytail is the perfect choice for you. When your wedding is scheduled during a hot summer day, you can tie back your hair to avoid frizz and untamed locks.

Be Prepared For Your Wedding Hair Trials

You must attend your wedding hair trials with your hairstylist. But also, come to the appointment prepared. Remember that your hairstylist cannot predict what you want to achieve for your wedding hairdo. Bring with you some pictures or snapshots of the hairstyle that you want to follow. Have three or four inspirations and give your personal touch to it.


Bring the hair accessories that you want to use on your wedding day. Whether it’s a tiara, flowers, or any headpiece that you are planning to wear. This is one way to see how it would look like on your hair. You can also suggest that your hairstylist use the exact products he or she will be using on your wedding day.

Avoid Making Changes On Your Wedding Day

Once your hairstylist finishes your hair on your wedding day, avoid making significant changes. You might have last-minute changes but make sure that it is minimal. Styling your hair can take an hour or so to finish, minus the hair prep that you needed to do. So during your hair trials, decide on what you want to avoid any changes.

Ensuring that you are prepared on your wedding day is extremely important. So consider all the possible factors to avoid any problems on your wedding day. To be prepared, know the questions to ask and the information that you need from your hairstylist.