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of them wakes at sunrise, the other turns over and likes to think they won the lotto.

Popping a champagne cork is a favourite sound for one of them, the aroma of expresso for the other.
One loves to dance, the other not so much, when they dance together they both try to lead.
One of them hates spiders but thinks the other is stupid because they have a fear of heights.
One of them likes to cook, the other gets christmas cards from the chinese.

They both love dinner parties; one for the food, one for the wine.

One loves to swim, the other hates getting wet.
One of them always leaves the window open, the other needs the electric blanket.
One loves pepper, the other salt.
One loves to browse the shelves of the foodstore, the other shops online.
One of them wants world domination the other just says whatever.
One of them is very punctual, the other always manages just to get there on time.

Together, they are pretty cool!