I recieve so many calls from ladies thinking of doing a Boudoir Shoot and these ladies were no exception. In fact one of them has been putting it off for 2 years but there is no reason to be concerned. The experience is amazing and when you recieve emails like this:

“Just viewed those photos and I have to say I was a bit nervous! I absolutely love the black and white shadow photo of me holding the glass of champagne- I don’t think I would have ever thought I could look that sophisticated and sultry in a photo- or that I would ever want to hang something like that- I thought maybe I would hang a photo in the bathroom or the bedroom but now I want it in my hallway!! 🙂 In fact I am so happy with that photo I would wear it as a t-shirt going into work (I work in a power station)!!!

Just thought you should know – that through your vision and artistry you have made me feel on cloud nine-”


It will  make you realise how incredible you feel about yourself and your body image once you view your images and look at yourself in a completely differnt way.

Shooing Boudoir sessions is so uplifting and empowering for the lady involved and while it is fantastic to give to someone special for  Christmas, Valentines, Wedding Gift etc. the most important gift is to yourself!