You were attracted to your photographer because of the style of imagery you would have seen them produce, so when you have commited to your photographer for your wedding day trust them to do what they do best and create a body of work of your day that is like no other wedding day you have seen.
How do they do this ? by having the ability to recognise that your day is different because the story you bring to the table is like no other story. All the things that describe you and your day to someone that has never met you before, need to be captured and presented with their own imagination and style placed into the work.
Because dont forget thats what attracted you to them in the first place.
If when your viewing a photographers work it all looks the same (same locations,same shot repeated etc) then its not rocket science to figure how your day will look , dont expect anything else and dont be dissapointed with the results.
Wedding day story tellers are few and far between and you will know when you find one, believe us.
Ev & K