we shot Yvonne & Dj’s wedding over xmas, the road conditions travelling to get there was nothing short of scary, black ice everywhere and generally 10mph was almost to fast.

To recieve this mail from Yvonne makes all the effort worthwhile, we had a great day with them and we will be posting some images on the blog a little later, but here is the note which we totally appreciate

Ev and Keith

Before we even look at pictures we just want to say a hugh Thank you to you both for being part of our magical day.

We are just back from honeymoon and it is the first opportunity we have had to make contact with you.  Prior to the wedding other couples were saying how awful photographers were the way they imposed on their day and they found the whole taking of photographs a negative on their day….

Well they obviously didn’t have you guys…. you were both part of the extended family for the day.  Even from the call Ev made to me that morning (I hope your driving has improved Keith!!!) to when you both said goodbye you were both just amazing.  It was one of the highlights of our day, outside taking in the magic of the day and knowing it was being recorded for life. Keith you showed me some shots on the day and I didn’t pay much attention it wasn’t because I was interested but I know your work and I know they would have been breathtaking which would have started me crying and then we had a problem as I can’t stop when I start.  Same problem when we were saying Goodbye, there was a tear in my eye and I just couldn’t allow it to start so apologies if I seemed unimpressed.

As I have said to our guests who are all still in awe of the day, we are ordinary people, with ordinary wages and ordinary lives but for one day we lived that dream and it will last us a lifetime.

Now I can see from your blog just how busy you guys are and I am so jetlagged I don’t know if anything I have said makes any sense but the generally theme is ‘Thank You’  so so much from the two of us.

Oh and happy new year to you and your families wishing you all the very best.

Yvonne and DJ Roche