I have been aware of Shane’s Skill in front of the movie camera for sometime now. Like any actor will tell you it is hard road often with long gaps between roles,for Shane however his phone is ringing on a regular basis and he is able to keep a steady stream of roles and characters developing. Being in Character is the essence of what drives Shane he does not mind whether its TV,Film or Theatre he just likes performing,if he is hard pushed he will tell you that serious theatre is where he is most comfortable but his time on Killanaskully with Pat Short and the rest of the team just didn’t feel like work with all the craic going on.

He has just finished Facade with AClique productions which premiered in Cork recently to huge acclaim,which has been entered into several film festivals “which can only be a good thing” and has also been submitted to the Road Safety Authority so strong is the message contained in the film.

So onwards from here for Shane and he has supplied two incredible links for the chain which I very much look forward to shooting in the coming weeks.