We love being in the business we are in, love shooting weddings, designing albums, interacting and making long term frienships with our couples.

Above all this it means everything when out of the blue we get e-mails, texts or calls from past couples just wanting to express their thanks to us for capturing their day.

We recieved these 2 within hours of each other and want to share them here we know they wont mind because they were sent with genuine sincerity to us and all we can say is Thank You


Paula & Brendan were married in August of last Year

Thank you so much for giving us your time again last night to help us with our album. Just when i think more about the great work you both do i come home from work log on to your website and in your blog i find the most amazing images you took in dingle last week.  They are truely amazing. I just sat back on the chair and went WHOOOOOO what else can they do. I thought these images from dingle were so……i can’t even find the words. Im just speechless. I just couln’t pick out which was the nicest. Amazing work. Well done to you both

Please keep up the good work and by the way i think you both did me a big favour last night of showing us your beautiful display of pictures in your house. Brendan said on the way home “you know it might be a good idea to do a display of pictures like keith & Evelyn have in their hall”. And here was they guy who didnt want many pictures around the house. Im sooooooo excited to get my wedding pictures up. Im going to transform my hall and have a wall named after ye.

It is a great pleasure to know you both. Your work is amazing.

A bientot et merci bien.


Catherine & James were married over christmas in Tipperary

We are so happy with the results and can’t wait for the album!!
The CD Rom with the fab music is way better than any professional recording.  We decided not to get it recorded professionally and did get a friend to take some footage – who did a great job!
So it really is money well spent as the DVD’s are such a lovely extra.

So many friends who have seen the photos online are compelled to contact us and gush at how amazing they are.  I have lost count at how many people have said that ‘ they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen!’.


Ev & myself are off to Castle Durrow now for a crazy day with Desiree & Karl  remember them from the themed e-session and looking forward to it big time.