When Syra first called us she was a little vague about the details of her wedding plans. Then as we got chatting more and more information was revealed about their plans and we were more that a little excited. Time was not on our side so meeting up was difficult. Eventually she called to see us with her mum and sister and it was then I realised ( as did Keith) that this was going to be special.

The weekend began with the Mendhi on Easter Sunday which was a gathering of both families followed by some food and dancing. The colours were incredible that evening, it was a taste of what was to come. Srya & Ali were dressed in casual wear that evening.

Easter Monday was the main wedding ceremony, we arrived at the house to be greeting by a very calm welcome, where everyone was prepping the flowers and getting dressed. Kathryn O’Neill a lady we recommend highly was on duty with the make up. She did a spectular job with the girls and her experience with asian skin tones was evident.

Meanwhile Keith was with Ali capturing his morning and again the colours and traditions were revealing themselves even more.

The ceremony was beautiful, again followed by dinner and finished around 9pm. We eventually got some time outside to take a few images of Syra & Ali together, the sky was perfect and allowed us to capture them beautifully.

Sunday 19th April was the final day of the wedding, where Ail’s family hosted the party in Dublin. The sun was shining and everyone was looking forward to it. It was a late start (7pm) so we were wondering if we would have any time to take some images of our couple on this evening. Luck was on our side and we had an hour with them before the celebrations bagan. Syra took our breath away this time in a dusky pink dress which is a colour she would not normally wear but I think I have presuaded her to never take it off. Total contrast to the maroon colour she wore the previous week. Ali wore a tailored suit again looking very dashing and in complete contrast to the traditional outfit and turbon he wore the previous week.

We were both humbled and previliged to be welcomed by so many family members and guests at the 3 day event. To experience other customs and beliefs. At every wedding we look to photograph the day in such detail that anyone who looks at the images would understand what was taking place. Our reasoning being that we assume too often that everyone will know it’s a wedding but now we now we are experiencing much more cultural and multi denominational weddings,so that emphasis is ever more important. You can never assume so you have to capture the smaller details along with the main details to complete the story. It was great to be challanged and out of our comfort zone and to be put to the test or recording another moment in history for both Srya & Ali. Also a first for myself & Keith.

We feel we have done them proud and enjoyed every second of it.

Ev & Keith