I shared one image from this shoot a while back and promised once baby was born that I would share some more. They now have a beautiful little man and I’m really excited about the follow up shoot.

A bump shoot is such a wonderful moment to record for you and for baby and I find when I shoot at my home studio, it is so private and quite that it really allows mom to feel relaxed and completely comfortable especially being around a woman. We can stop whenever she gets tired and there is always tea, make-up and props on hand.

It can also be wonderful to include your partner or kids ( if you have any).

It can be a tiring shoot so it is important to plan it properly and take as many breaks as necessary.

This whole shoot was done at my place, using our back garden for outdoor images. Suzanne’s choice of clothing was very well planned, creating a wonderful look.

Will have a few more to share from new shoots very soon.

Hope you like.