Every now and then I see a photo on my phone and try to remember where it was taken. Sometimes my phone album can be a record of our time on our travells inbetween your weddings!

As you may know I try to take as many pics on my phone as I can to keep my instragram active, it may frustrate some close to me, aka Keith but I love it.

I love walking around anonymously pretending to be a tourist, without anyone having expectations of me at that particular time. Often times strangers ask what was I shooting when they see me in an unusal spot, kneeling or leaning over a bridge. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the most wonderful venues and meet even more wonderful characters.

So for the past few weeks it feels like we have been on the road a lot and as I was backing up my photos, I thought you might like a little look at the behind the scenes of Woodard Photography.

It started on August 31st, we were in Dublin that weekend of the American Football and the All Ireland Simi-Final. The following day we were in Galway for a wedding. Followed by Kinsale, Parknasilla, Rossbeigh, Doonbeg, Carragh Lake, Tralee, Limerick, Ballyheigue and Killarney.

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