“Thank you so much for sending on the story.

We are huddled around my phone right now having looked through the photos. We are still on honeymoon, landed in new York late last night so this was an amazing treat. Although honestly we have been excited about this email coming since the wedding!

The moments and portraits you captured are beautiful and ones that we will treasure forever. Looking through the story has placed us right back on our wedding day and it is fantastic to see things that felt like a bit of a blur.

Thank you so much for sharing our day with us, we could not have hoped for a nicer, more welcoming and talented couple to give us everlasting visual memories.”

Being asked to travel to Westmeath to shoot in a 19th Century Georgion House was always going to be a big “YES’. So early July 2015 we found ourselves checking into the local B&B in Castletown-Geoghehan,  Cerarwood House to a very warm welcome with tea & ham sarnies ( only in Ireland).

A trip into Mullingar for dinner and back at the village once again to visit the Middleton Park House and do a bit of location scouting but of course Keith had to drive around to find other options also. This is when we found the water and amazing setting on Lough Ennell that we used for the shoot.

It was a very humid morning on July 2nd when we arrived to the Manor House and we were delighted that the sun finally decided to play ball and all at once we had a Summer!

Here is a little glimpse of their wonderful wedding day and ALL the detail Samantha & Michael out into making this mansions their home.

We defiantly will revisit this very Irish village for a little r&r.

middleton park house







Samantha & Michael081

middleton park house

Samantha & Michael071

Samantha & Michael075

Samantha & Michael126

middleton park house



Samantha & Michael113

Samantha & Michael177

Samantha & Michael179

Samantha & Michael191

Samantha & Michael194

Samantha & Michael221

Samantha & Michael231

Samantha & Michael242



Samantha & Michael284

Samantha & Michael301

Samantha & Michael346

Samantha & Michael363

Samantha & Michael339

Samantha & Michael379

Samantha & Michael385

Samantha & Michael398

Samantha & Michael439

Samantha & Michael446

Samantha & Michael460

Samantha & Michael462

Samantha & Michael465

Samantha & Michael505

Samantha & Michael546

Samantha & Michael548

Samantha & Michael556

Samantha & Michael569

Samantha & Michael578

Samantha & Michael585

Samantha & Michael473


Samantha & Michael483

Samantha & Michael589

Samantha & Michael598



Thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding memories xx