“So Niall and I met randomly in the grand in Killarney on a night out nearly a decade ago! He was over from London to see family and I was down from vet school in Dublin for a cow show. After five years of travelling back and forth between London and Dublin I finally moved to the UK after I graduated. Niall proposed in Mauritius on my birthday 3 years later- which was a massive surprise with all the trimmings and extravagance that Niall goes for. We decided to stick to our Irish roots and get married where we first met in Killarney. We just adore the national park and the endless scenery here. We have strong ties to the Europe hotel with family working there and often stay when we come back to Kerry. It was hard work planning the big day from the UK- especially seeing as I had a groomzilla on my hands! As his sisters said ‘ it wouldn’t surprise me if Niall hired elephants for the wedding’.

It was all worth it though, we had the most fantastic day July 28th! It’s very hard to say which parts stand out the most as the whole day was amazing! I don’t think either of us slept the night before with pure excitement! I was down in the pool at the Europe as soon as it opened at 7am with no one there but myself which was a lovely quiet moment before the day began. It was a miserable morning but it didn’t seem to bother me. The morning flew by getting ready in the presidential suite which was incredible and seemingly useful having your own private steam room which many family members were using to steam out there suits! The sky cleared for us to go to the church which was more than I could have asked for. I think one of my highlights certainly was seeing those 4 beautiful Irish draughts turned out so beautifully for me to go to the church! I was so impressed with them heading out over the cattle grid at the hotel (with board on top) into on coming traffic!

I was a bit worried arriving at the church that Niall was going to be really emotional and then make me really emotional! Which is the last thing I wanted being the strong independent woman walking up that long isle on my own crying!! But it was fine- couldn’t have gone better. I think it helped that he didn’t turn back to see me until I arrived beside him! That was relief for me! The church was just stunning! Danielle at tie the knot had done an amazing job. It is such a beautiful building and really doesn’t need much, but she certainly knows her work! The choir were amazing! It was so nice to hear such beautiful music as I think it is sad that churches have moved away from this traditional musical element. And it was great to leave to some of our favourite Coldplay music being blasted out by the organ!

The day started to fly by from there between having Ev and Keith snapping up amazing pictures and also Gavin at Dreamcatchers Productions catching all the great moments on video, before we new it we were called for dinner.

We went a bit coldplay mad with the wedding but I don’t regret it one bit!! We had the LED wrist bands that they use at their concerts that flash different colours to the beat of the music and what an entry we had into the dark room with all the wrist bands and confetti cannons!! It was just awesome!! Nialls brothers Shane and Chris did a fantastic job as masters of the ceremony. And the best mans speech was just hilarious!! They had Niall pretty embarrassed with his Bollywood dancing video! So much so I had to drag him up to show everyone the live version! I had been nervous about my dads speech as he is not the best at public speaking but it was really touching. Niall and my sister both had me in floods of tears, bless him he was so nervous saying his speech. And then the flood gates were open through my own, but thank fully the great food got us through and Pat Fitz hit the night off for us with our first dance sky full of stars by Coldplay. We picked that song when it first come out before we ever were engaged! I remember exactly the first time I heard it driving to work in the car chatting to Niall on the phone on loudspeaker and it was on the radio and we both were just like ‘this is the one!!’ It was so special to us and the boys again pulled it out of the bag with the confetti cannons again!

For me I suppose the best bit was Nialls surprise! We had an engagement party the summer before in our garden and closed the night with a band playing yellow by Coldplay with Niall and I being carted in the air by friends. Niall had been having guitar and piano lessons since the new year and we are both extremely fond of this song. I was flying around the ballroom making sure I had said hello to everyone at the wedding and next thing I hear Niall on the mike with Sean Treacy beside him playing the guitar and Niall was singing yellow to me. It was such a lovely unexpected surprise. I still can’t even get the words out to explain what a touching moment it was.

The night flew by and we didn’t leave the dance floor all night! With the exception to watch the fireworks outside, which was a really nice touch.

It was such a special day for us and also for everyone else! There were plenty of surprises and was great to have our family’s together, especially as we all live so far apart.

We have since had our photos back and spent loads of time laughing and reminiscing the day that was captured so well by Ev and Keith. Gavin has just informed me the video is on the way! Can’t wait to see it and keep the memories going forever!”