Waking up this morning to beautiful sunshine made us hopeful that we will have a repeat of last Summer and even more hopeful that all our clients will have their dream Summer Wedding.

I read somewhere recently that apparantly it is ‘Wedding Season’ so this wedding of Oonagh & James was the perfect treat for all of you planning your day.

Shooting preperations at The Dunloe is a luxury in itself, not just because it is 3 miles from home but the any bride getting ready in such surroundings can only be in her element and ready to have some real fun on her day.


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Beaufort Church sometimes gets overlooked because of the other local churches on offer but for us it has always created the most breathtaking lighing at the right time.

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Dealing with melting tar is not an issue we face on a regular basis but hey what would a wedding be without a challenge or 2! The plan was to shoot B&G at The Gap of Dunloe

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but after a few minutes we quickly noticed bubbling tar so made a quick decent to the hotel.  This opened up amazing photography oppertunities as most of the guests were still in the village having refresments!



Having an outdoor reception made it feel like you were attending a wedding abroad, the gardens tucked in beside the castle in all their amazing colour created the perfect moment in time for Oonagh, James and their entourage.

Let’s hope this Summer is magical.

Ev & K


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