As we have often said here and to all the couples we meet, we are privileged to be with them on such a special day in their lives and to create images and memories for their journey together through life.

We had that very privilege with Noreen & Aiden in the summer of 08 in Kenmare Co Kerry. Noreen who is from Kenmare brought Aiden and the Dublin gang down for a great weekend.

On TV3 last evening (Thursday) we watched Noreen and Aiden as they entered groundbreaking surgery in the Beaumont Hospital Dublin in the program “A Gift Of Life” in which Noreen bravely gave Aiden one of her Kidneys.

We have all sat through wedding ceremonies where couples pledge vows of incredible meaning to each other, Noreen has taken everything that has ever been said to the utmost and myself and Ev are just humbled to say that we were able to be in Noreen and Aiden’s circle of life albeit for a short period of time in the overall scheme of things.

Several months on we are pleased to say Aiden is on the road to full recovery, they are due here in the studio in a few weeks and it will be a pleasure to make them one of our now famous appalling cups of coffee.


Keith & Ev