The most requested photography of a wedding day is from the Mother of the bride and groom! Can we have a photograph of "just our family" always said is hushed tones so no one is offended. But what they really want is a family portrait to show off their family, how well they "turned out" and what a great job they did.


New Chapters by Woodard Photography

Times change fast for all of us and we all realise pretty quickly how a photograph creates its own importance over time holding onto a precious moment forever.

New Chapters came about from our own growth as a family, we were looking through old family photographs and how much we cherish the images.

After almost 15 years of capturing families at weddings or on portrait sessions, we have noticed as a nation we are great at recording families up to a certain point or for a certain day. Most homes we are welcomed in to have the standard baby, communion, confirmation and graduation images displayed, then nothing until the weddings.

These events although important I personally feel are not who we really are as families. Facing my own health issues a few years back, I found I was taking stock of everything, concentrating on spending more time with our family and taking lots of photographs.

new chapters by the woodard photographynew chapters by the woodard photography

As a Mom watching Marc grow so quickly the most challenging years for most parents ( Mom’s let’s be honest)  is in this time.  Now  I find I am holding on as tight as possible to the time we have with everyone under the same roof.

I stopped offering baby and young family portraits a few years back because I was getting away from that phase personally in my own life and genuinely didn’t connect with it anymore.

New chapters at Woodard Photography is all about family with children in secondary education through to adulthood but most importantly it’s about the family unit that never changes its just Mom, Dad, and the brothers and sisters.

new chapters by the woodard photography

New chapters is lifestyle portrait photography shot around the family home and grounds or on location, it is not a sitting- room portrait venture. It’s about bringing families together at a certain chapter in their lives and let them be themselves as a family.

All images presented from New Captures at Woodard Photography will be in Black & White, I adore black & white to me it shows the character of every person I capture, families are made up of so many personalities and the presentation of black and white highlights this perfectly.

new chapters by the woodard photography

With the gallery opening up so many more opportunities for us and now we are working with a limited wedding diary, my time is more adaptable and I can book in portrait sessions at a time that suits me and you.

Exciting times ahead,  if you are interested in booking a lifestyle family session with us or looking for that perfect Christmas gift voucher for your parents, get in touch and we can send you some more information today!

Ev xx