The one thing we love about weddings is from day to day everyone of them is completly different for us. One day were shooting in the hotel next day were in Mum’s house with all the carry on, there could be 300 guests in a hotel or 20 friends in a restaurant, all making for great photo ops and story telling.

We shot a friend of Mairead’s wedding (Aishling & JJ we featured their wedding sometime back) and it lashed all day, but the work we were able to create was beautiful, from this Mairead and Fergal made contact with us to view our work but we were already booked for their date. A couple of dyas later Mairead rang us and asked which dates we had available around that time,I think we had one left, they contacted the hotel, changed the date to accomadate us which we consider a huge complement (thank you) and consequently asked us to shoot their day.

This time the sun split the stones, almost too bright bringing its own challenges, but the work just flowed, all around there was so much going on, its great when plans come together for couples and you could see the relief in Mairead when we met her that morning, because of the weather outside.

Mairead & Fergal enjoy the break, thank you for being so natural around the camera, it was a pleasure shooting your day