What we loved about this wedding,

  • The great time we had at the pre-wedding meeting
  • The view from Triona’s home – one of the best we’ve seen in Kerry.
  • The Vespa that Derek bough as a wedding gift for Triona
  • Going for a drive downtown Killarney on a Summer’s evening with our B&G
  • The combination of yellow and grey ( one of my favourites)
  • The custom-made converse for the bridal party.

Thanks for all the fun guys xx



What Triona & Derek had to say,
“We were BLOWN away by the images, I have been looking at them multiple times a day and still cannot get enough! When I sent the link to Mom and Dad Dad said that they were the best wedding photos he had ever seen – high praise from my father!!! Mom wants to proof book and USB to go to her so she can have them all .


We always knew we wanted you to be our wedding photographers and were one of the first calls we made after the church to get in as early as we could, throughout this whole process you have been so fantastic and had the same attitude as we did, it was all very calm and we knew that the best way to approach this was to let you do whatever you wanted – and I am so glad we did! You caught moments, split second glances, emotions and things we didn’t even see happening – and that is just in the selection you sent us!!!! Thank you so, so much for capturing the day so perfectly, it all feels so surreal. My favorites so far are the ones of Derek opening his card, the long one with all the trees behind us down by the lake, the boathouse ones, and the ones down by the market cross later in the evening (tell Marc that I think it was his lighting skills that made us look so good!), just beautiful.


Thank you, thank you, thank  you.


Triona & Derek”.