we have been waiting 10 months for this shoot, colleagues of ours were blessed with twins that just happened to be indentical (fantastic) and every time we met up with them we would ask “well are they ready” and the reply was always “not yet” we wanted them sitting up etc.

So eventually the time came and Ev and I called to the house to create a lifestyle shoot for Alan, Geraldene and the rest of the gang, we had a great time, the shoot was exactly what we had in mind for them and totally in tune with what they were thinking.

Lily & Ruby were just naturals in front of the camera (their aunt is a model in London) so it must just run in the blood. The work we have of them is beautiful and although they ere indentical in features, their characters and worlds apart and we feel we have captured this, especially in the shot we are showing here.

Alan & geraldene you have many years of confusion and fun ahead of you  ENJOY every minute