This journey to Dublin was not about anything other than putting another check on the bucket list. But this is a bucket list with a difference,this is about seeing and experiencing people and places before they disappear from us and not about doing things before we go.
For many reasons anytime Leonard Cohen has made himself available to be listened too we simply could not atend, unlikely as it may seem with the dates he makes available we could not just get to a gig. I’m sure he will not appreciate it but we felt we were running out of time but just how many more tours can or will he take part in.
Everything that needs to be said about the man is out there to read, a living legend is an understatement, if his lyrics do not inspire you to go out and experience life and all its ups and downs nothing on this planet will.
We were treated to everything old and new the musicians he surrounded himself with were sublime and Sharon Robertson has a voice to die for. There were children of four or five with their parents being held spellbound and Evelyn spotted a couple in their early eighties at least waltzing to ‘Take this Waltz” in the generous walkways for the 10,000 plus crowd to get around.
With such a catalogue of music four hours of entertainment went by in minutes you simply did not feel the time go by.
As we said the evening was not about photography and more about the moment of being in the presence of a poet who uses music to enhance.
Now where is that list and whose next.