From the day we met Laura & Ian we knew we would have a blast shooting their wedding. Laura from Dublin and Ian from the land of the All Blacks met in Cork at the Jazz festival (they both only tolerate jazz music so im told) but it was at a Ska music night they met first.

Laura always insisted that her wedding day would be as normal and casual as possible,they both travel to work everyday on the LUAS and they both insisted it was going to be no different on their wedding day. Great we said half thinking they might be made to change their minds, but Laura knew what she wanted and on the LUAS we went into Stephens Green and a nice stroll through the green down Baggot St and into the Merrion Cool !!.

We can only thank them sincerly for the oppertunity of shooting their wedding, so relaxed and informal while still honouring all the traditions of wedding days.