Img_2622 Jill promised Colm she would never be late, that she will always be there on time for him. She kept her promise.

Through the morning I heard someone say I hope all the signposts are pointing the right way, because some local keeps changing them, sure enough one sign had been changed and all of colm’s family were sent in the complete wrong direction and kept jill waiting to go up the aisle for 35 minutes.

fairplay to her she took it in great spirit and feels she will always have one to hold against her new mum in law being that late for her wedding.

the parish priest mentioned its a common occurance, so Colm’s family didn’t feel to bad after a while.

We can only imagine what the main topic of the dinner speaches were. Anyway thanks for a great day to everybody involved you can imagine the great work we got in and around this time as well as the rest of the day.