we arrived at the wineport the evening before just as the sun was about to set accross the lake, It was quite a spectacle I must confess absolutly beautiful. Many thanks to Karen and Conor on their kindness on inviting us up the evening before to meet just about everybody, it was a fun evening.

This was our second time working with Karen she was a stunning bridesmaid here in Kerry last year for Tanya one of here best friends, so Ev and myself knew how good she was going to look on the day and she didn’t let us down, Wow she looked great. Conor scrubbed up well It also has to be said.

The wineport is a great venue for weddings the service is great and the scenery wonderful, Karen said that herself and conor stayed there a few years ago and she decided that if the question was popped this would be their venue.091 121_1 031 092 109