What a lot of couples may overlook on the day ( simply because of the buzz and excitement all around) is that the person or persons walking away with a camera on their shoulder will soon become a very important person on their list . For they hold the key to that day you dreamed of on a memory card.

So ladies & gents be very careful when you sit and email a photographer for ‘prices” because it goes way beyond a price!

Jan & Ste drove from Dublin to Killarney and overnighted just to see us and we had the privilege of getting to know this wonderful couple and their families. Like we say to many people who ask, the minute you walk into house of the morning of a wedding you know exactly what kind of day lies ahead. This one was special.

Here is what Jan & Ste had to say;

“Hi Ev and Keith,

Well Ste received our wedding album this afternoon. What can I say?! It is absolutely stunning!!!!

When we were planning our wedding, a lot of people suggested that we hire a photographer who would simply give us a disc containing all the photos, because this is a much cheaper option. We were of course never swayed by any of these suggestions, because we knew we wanted to preserve the memory of our day in the best way possible, and a disc would have simply ended up sitting in a drawer somewhere.

While our wedding album will inevitably suffer a similar fate, in that it will only be looked at occasionally, it is without doubt the most priceless memory we have of our wedding day. You captured the atmosphere of the day so incredibly beautifully, and as soon as we opened the album we were transported right back to all those lovely moments. You can almost smell the air that surrounded us that day when looking at the pictures!

As you know, we have now started a family, and it’s really nice to know that our children will someday have this beautiful album to pass down to their own children, and so on. It will stand the test of time, for a long time!!

A lot of decisions were made when planning our wedding, but by far the best of all those decisions was to take that trip to Killarney to see you both. The end result is irreplaceable!!

Thank you both so so much, for your time and your advice, the courtesy you showed to all our wedding guests on the day, and for making the whole process as relaxed as it could possibly have been.

Hope business continues to be good for you both. You deserve all the success in the world

Take it easy and chat soon!

Jan and Ste xxx”