A brief encounter at Cork airport while they were returning to Australia and we were returning back from a wedding in Portugal was the only time we got to spend with Hilary and Stephen. Cool customers they knew what they wanted and loved what we did.

Some 18 months later, an email 2 days prior to the wedding was had reconfirming times and away we went.

Returning to Kilshane in the Summer was a pleasant surprise as our last visit was a 3pm ceremony on Dec 29th, which meant due to not-so-forgiving thunderstorms, we were all dashing around under umbrellas. A hazy morning was most welcome when we drove into this estate and a cloud of calm was all that was floating around.

We got to work with Maurice & Elaine  O ‘Carroll for first time this year so it was great to catch up with friends and watch them work alongside you and learn from what they are doing on the day,you know our approach to wedding days could not be more relaxed in capturing everything and the guys have the very same attitude which made for a truly wonderful afternoon for everyone involved.

Thanks to Hilary & Stephen for being the perfect couple.

Ev & K.


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