Confused ?

not realy you may have noticed Sarah & Will’s engagement shoot here a few posts ago, they had just moved home from Wales when we met up, Sarah is from Roscrea and a great job position was on offer, so they bit the bullit and moved back to Ireland all a couple of weeks before their wedding day.

You would be amazed the things that are going on in our couples lives the week of their weddings, moving houses, laying floors in new houses, these things are stressful enough without a wedding thrown in the middle of everything but they get on have a great timeand are totally relaxed on their day.

Sarah & Will were no exception, Will is an avid photographer, so he was enjoying everything that was going on around him and watching how we operate, Sarah was miss cool, no fuss, no stress, no tears (well a few at the back of the church, but thats understandable). Its our first time shooting in the church in Roscrea, it realy is a beautiful church in the grounds of an old abbey.

Here is a couple of our favourites from the day, Sarah & Will thank you for the laughs.