Elaine and Cormac met in there 1st year at collage, love at first sight they say, all through the next decade they studied and worked and loved but when was it going to happen, when was he going to pop that all important question.

Well he did she said yes, and it has, and it was a great day, Elaine who is from Cork City and Cormac from Dublin took their band of supporters down to Kinsale for the weekend to party and party they did.

Guys thank you for the oppertunity to shoot your day it was great fun were glad you waited so long otherwise we may have missed you.

The guys own a very busy Super Value outlet in a north Kerry resort and our working very hard again for the rest of the summer, but secretly I dont think they would have it any other way.

Again thank you and talk with you soon.

K&E241 267 290