The lyrics ‘she fell in love with an English man” are everywhere at the moment, thanks to Ed Sheeran but it was definitely the case for this Irish beauty. Convincing Mark to get married in Dromoland was easy as they fell in love with the Castle at a New Year’s Eve Ball. When we met Denise we knew she was going to be the best fun to work with and they stayed true to their word about not wanting to miss out on the party taking photographs. The only stop off was when they visited their new “local” on New Market on Fergus.

Since their wedding day, Denise has been featured on Stewart Parvin’s website showcasing her amazing wedding gown and this week became a hot topic back in County Clare where wedding planner Kate Deegan used their wedding images on her new company transport.


“My favourite moment overall however, was after we walked down the aisle. Mark and I got straight into a 1970’s E Type Jag and drove off, waving at our guests. He stopped the car at the end of the lane for a moment and said “come here and give me a kiss”. I did, and we just smiled at each other before he continued to drive off. I’ll remember that moment between us forever”.