I met up with Clare & John through the week for their lifestyle shoot, our meeting point was the tea rooms in The Pheonix Park, have to say love that place, I think your transported back in time the minute you enter and the coffee is pretty damn good as well.

We waited for the rain to clear, we had good weather down here all week but talking to clients and other togs based on the east coast it was bad all week. Wednesday seemed to be the worst of it, it lashed, then lashed again (time for more coffee, yummy) then suddenly a window no rain for about 1/2 hour and off we went.

The colours were incredable, overcast sky, no sun, autumn colour equals colours of every shade jumping at you wow!.

As I said 1/2 hour later just finishing up down by the small lake, a few more idea’s I have and bang it just falls down again, but hey in that time we picked up some cool stuff, some of my fav’s here.

Clare & John totally looking forward to Doonbeg now its going to be great fun