We got sunshine, a little windy but we got sunshine and in August no less. I cant imagine how many times we have gone through Tarbert to catch the ferry up to Clare & Galway, the road from the ferry always facinated me, and myself and Ev often said it would be a cool place to shoot a bridal couple.

Well we finally got our chance, Claire who is from Tarbert and Mick from Cork when he’s not out defending our shoreline, married in Tarbert and moved on to Ballyseede for the reception. When we suggested our thoughts to Claire she jumped at it thought it was a great idea and from then on there was never going to be another option.

We first met Claire & Mick the day after a wedding we shot in Dingle last February that they attended, they both mentioned although there senses were up because they were in wedding mode themselves and taking everything in, they could not remember seeing us interupting the day at anystage, which we take as a compliment for the Journal Art style we are looking to achieve and something our couples along with friends and family often comment on.

Claire & Mick thank you for letting us share your day, it was great fun, we know the work captured is something you will look back and smile on from your day.