Prior to their wedding day we had met Bridget and Mark at least 3 times and it rained everytime, but for all the right reasons when we met them on their day everything was perfect. It was hot ,very hot, the sun blasted all day and it was great. While im writing this to you its raining but its the first rain we have had in a long time so at the moment its actually needed.

The lads were married in a wonderful little church just outside Ennis in a village called Barefield, Bridget travelled in from her parents home in Scarriff while Mark made the short journey from Ennis. Bridget looked just stunning as she arrived and got ready to meet Mark and the photography and images of them was just jumping at us, being totally relaxed and natural creates great moments and no question having met the lads a few times helped them around myself and Ev, its something we have mentioned several times before, but it is so important for potential couples to think about.

Bridget wants to get back in the dress when she returns from honeymoon, no we will not be trashing it, but we have lots in mind for an alternative shoot and be able to push just a little more than we could have on their day to create an edgy fashion style shoot.

Lads you were great fun and thank you for making us so welcome on such a beautiful day, looking forward to meeting up again soon