Page001  Keith & I shot a wedding at the end of Oct in Doonbeg Golf Club and Lodge. It was our first wedding there so we travelled up early to check out photo ops and as the weather that week leading up to the big day was a wash out, to say we were a bit anxious would be an understatement.

Off we went to Tarbert to cross in the ferry and it was a beautiful morning in Kerry so we were very optimistic. Until we got on the ferry which was very rough but we kept positive!

We do have the pleasure of working in many special venus all over the county but this place was certainly one to remember.

Yvonne & Niall were the fantasic couple that were getting married and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them and meet all their family & friends.

As we drove away, Keith took this photo of magical  sky behind the marquee.

Ev & K