Grace Kelly by Helen Rose of MGM

The dress that started a phenomenon. Hollywood legend and Oscar winning actress, Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier of Monaco on April 19th 1956. It was a hollywood love story that became a reality for the actress who played a princess in The Swan, and who would now officially become Princess Grace of Monaco. The dress was the dress of dresses and still to this day is the one that inspries a multitude of women when they are choosing what to wear for their special day, the day where they are the princess. Designed by official MGM Studios costume designer, Helen Rose, it took 36 seamstresses 6 weeks to finally perfect the gown for the big day. The wedding itself was televised and watched by approximately 30 million people worldwide, remember this was in 1956 so that is a staggering number of people. The present or modern day equivalent to the dress of dresses is that of Kate Middleton’s which will feature next week but if you are to compare the dresses, you can see clearly where Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen found her inspiration. Afterall, she too was designing a dress for a “commoner” ¬†about to be catapulted into Royalty. As we all know, the marriage ended tragically when Grace was killed in a car crash in September 1982. The dress however, is a legacy all on its own and will live on forever through pictures like the ones shared in this post. It can now also be seen on exhibition in the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art.

Photograph: Google Images