There are plenty posts here about the weather, we see pretty wicked stuff in the course of our travels, but then BANG ! you get one day and mother nature shows us the teaser of what our little island could be like if we saw just a little more sunshine.

Last friday was such a day, we were just finishing off shooting Tracey & Michael’s wedding in Dingle with the most glorious day thrown into the bargain (more about the wedding in another post later) when we get hit with 10 minutes of absolute blissful tranquility as the sun starts to set far off in the west. Ev& myself agreed when we are shown these moments there is no other place that you would want to live, just so beautiful and all too brief.

Dingle is a wonderful town, the amount of oppertunities it provides for photography is well, too numerous to count, we happened to be around the harbour when this 10 minutes hit us, for all of you that know Dingle we think you could almost imagine the scene that was offered to us, if one word could describe the moment I think special is the word that comes to mind


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