I have just returned from Paris, such an amazing city, I was lucky enough to attend 2 gallery exhibition openings, the new Magnum gallery along side St Germaine on the west bank and the Paris photo at the Lurve, Paris is without question the city to be in if you are a photographer, The parisians know, understand and embrace photography as the art form it deserves to be recognised for and certainly sets a goal for me to get my work exhibited over there.

I had a little time to grab some images, the first image is a direct contradiction to all the art on display, because the parisian homeless, are very visable, the are very evident, the police dont move them, the french public are very sympathetic to them which is very heartening, leaving money to most they pass, It realy is accepted as “this could happen to me” kind of a feeling.

This was just another Monday Morning on the Boulavard Saint Michel to this unfortunate person

Monday morning st michel blog

Ollie Furey was the name on the sign, fine strong red hair and beard, I didn’t get to talk to him but he was a good Irishman playing Paris, I wonder how many performers can claim that

Ollie plays paris blog

This little man was going nowhere until the clown performed his magic for him, just fantastic to watch the stubborness of the little man, his parents where no where to be seen and the little man had no intention have handing over payment for the design he was having created for him

Clown paris 2009

Still editing the work so hopefully I will get more work on the blog to share with you over the next few days.