When we first introduced the idea of taking our clients off to a location for portraits or even just shooting around the house with no boundries of fixed lighting etc, we thought it would build slowly which we were happy with. But the exact opposite has happened the concept has gone through the roof,parents are loving the idea of just letting the natural element of their childrens characters pour out through the images we are creating. The fake backdrops of the studio still have their uses but the freedom to study the character of someone through a camera is much more natural when they are not in the pressure of a studio enviroment.

We had great fun with Rudy & Joseph the images here pretty much show who they are, joseph being older is very protective of rudy, rudy on the other hand is a live wire a completly different character, but it was amazing to watch the bond they have between them already.

Michelle & Daryl thank you for the time we spent with you, we know your 2 boys will bring you years of fun and our little capture of a moment in time will reflect the happiness of the two lads in years to come