I am getting calls almost daily now enquiring about my bump shoot portraiture I launched recently, I have been having great fun with all the ‘mum’s to be’ getting totally into the atmosphere of the shoot.

009 I have included 2 images here to demonstrate what can be achieved for you and your baby, as a record of this beautiful time in your life and the beginning of motherhood. The shoot is completed at your home, where you are at your most relaxed and I spend as much time as necessary to achieve the results. If this includes taking time out for a coffee or two then so be it. Like our wedding imagary everything is totally natural, shot with wonderful natural light, bringing out the beauty of pregnancy.

The shoot is a double affair, where I will return once baby is born to shoot you and baby together as soon as you feel you are ready for this.

Some mothers want to have their partners with them others not, I love it either way I just want you to be as comfortable as possible when were in the shoot.

Dpp_0008 The regional newspaper is running an article on the whole concept tomorrow the editor thought that it was a great idea to keep this special time in all our lives alive.

But that isn’t important, the only thing that is important is capturing that special time in all of our lives. As a mother of one beautiful little man, I know that this time can never be captured again. I’m usually as excited as the mum to be and feel honered to to create these precious images.