This is something myself and Ev are asked nearly all the time, of course we have different smaller influences, Evelyn would study a little fashion for the creative lighting used and I would look at film for the same reasons, but neither of us could say they are a direct influence. We have never tried to capture a shoot based on what we would have seen in the area’s I mentioned.

We visit portrait gallery’s wherever and whenever possible the work of the masters is unquestionable but again we would tend to study their use of light, im sure if we were portrait photographers art galleries would have bigger bearing on what we are looking to achieve in our work.

Photography is still both our biggest influence, let me make the catagory a little smaller, documentary, lifestyle photography,photjournalism is where we draw our inspiration from. We tend to produce most of our work in black & white, we feel shooting in colour is a little like using plastic flowers everything is just a little to real and to perfect, black & white always leaves something to the viewers imagination, it leaves a little space in our minds to develop our own story, as I said colour is a little to perfect and that space is not there for our mind to develop the image and to satisfy our curiosity.

So who floats our boat ? Sabastio Selgado and W. Eugene Smith would have had a huge influence on me personally their work is just LIFE as we know it and have come to recognise throughout the several generations they recorded. In more modern times Don McCullin’s work is haunting, provocative but again LIFE that is dealt to the subjects he is recording and we see something that we can all assosciate with. Two others that immediately come to mind are Jeff Ascough and George Weir their work is inspirational, their use of light exceptional and their storytelling unparralled in the modern age.

We are continually trying to improve our storytelling and the gentlemen I have mentioned above have had an immense impact on myself & Evelyn in the past and moving forward, I think the saying “a picture says a thousand words” has never been more apt than in our fast changing lifestyle of todays world, if we can leave hundreds of thousands of words behind us in pictures we feel we would have achieved something of great importance a visual history so to speak