On Behalf of Myself, Keith and Marc our little man, please accept this note as a huge thank you to all our friends and colleagues who have given me the most amazing support over the last few weeks.

To everybody that attended my mum’s funeral and the distances that you all travelled from around the country I can only again say thank you. The hundreds of cards, emails and phone calls we recieved made me realise that despite everything you see in this life on a daily basis, there is still a lot of good people out there.

My Mum passed away on Thursday 28th Feb unexpectidly, we were due to travel to dublin that day for Therese & Dermot’s wedding in Sandymount on the 29th. Two great photographers and great friends unquestionably put there own plans aside and stood in to cover the wedding for myself and Keith.

Brendan Landy in Listowel and Podge Kelly in Dublin stood in for us and all we can say is Thank you most sincerly,Brendan left Listowel here in Kerry at 4 in the morning to travel to Dublin to meet up with Podge, as photographers they knew how important it was not to leave Therese & Dermot without anyone to cover their wedding. Therese & Dermot You even sent a text on your wedding day to say you were thinking of us and that meant so much, thank you.

So on we go, Im going to miss mum and Marc will as well, his nanna leen as he called her, and to be honest I know that I always want to miss her.

Thank you