I know several of our past and future clients have or are using Marina Cassidy for their church music,

the lady is beautifully gifted and talented with her harp playing and angel like voice.

It should come of no surprise then that her daughter Jessie Buckley is in the Final¬† of I’D DO ANYTHING the BBC program hosted by Graham Norton to find a Nancy for Andrew Lloyd Webbers new West End production.

Jessie has an amazing array of talent for someone just 17yrs she is awesome, the BBC have decided to be clever about this and only allow voting from within the UK, so we are not allowed vote, but I urge you please if you have contacts in the UK please get them to vote for Jessie next Saturday evening, this is the final and Jessie has a great chance to become Nancy in this production.

As a nation our networking skills are unparralled please put them to good use

talk soon