Remember I mentioned that we were launching something new a while back and all would be revealed. Well a new venture that led from the “Bump Shoot” is Boudoir Sessions which have really taking off for me.

Just to explain a little, it’s a very intimate sexy shoot in lingerie which can be for the bride to be/girlfriend or wife to give as a pressie for that special someone in her life. This can be shot anywhere, at home, in studio or hotel room and is such a wonderful gift for the wedding night or at christmas or even birthdays.

Like most great secrets, word of mouth is getting around and ladies from all over the country are contacting me about this. Many of our clients are getting it done before¬† their upcoming big day but many others are just doing it because they want something different and it makes them fell fantastic about themselves. You don’t have to be a size zero to be sexy and trust me on that one!

We discuss in great details what to wear and how the shoot will run, if it’s at the home then I will select some of the items while I’m there and we just have a great laugh.

They have been a huge sucess so far and I’m very proud of the ladies that have trusted me and now know what it takes to look good in the bedroom!Boudoir