We shot Bridget and Mark’s wedding back in May and she was always getting back in the dress to have a bit of fun and let us create some work that any magazine photoshoot would be proud of.

The weather has been good these last few weeks and all our schedules came together and so the date was set.

Bridget left it entirely to us, but at some stage did want to get into water (and no fresh water will not destroy the dress) although it was lets say a little chilly for the parts that were in the water.

First stop was the scrapyard to which we thank the owners for allowing us to use it, they kept scratching their heads wondering what was going to happen next which was createing howls of laughter outside of anything else and finally into a nearby ravine with a wonderful river running through it and Bridget eventually being allowed to take to the water.

Mark her husband was alongside us all day and turned into a great bag and props man to which we say thank you to him and to Bridget also for a great afternoon of fun and laughter.