Well, the year is off and running, phones are hoping,email buzzing (thank god) thank you to evryone who has made contact with us, an even bigger thank you to our past B&G's who even after several years are still thinking of us and referring us to family,friends, workmates and pretty much everybody in between.

We had to take stock of our schedule because in the photography business one day runs into the other very quickly, so to that end we have made for us 2 important decisions which you will hopefully undertand.

We mentioned previously we are curtailing the amount of weddings we shoot yearly, with so much travelling on our schedule we had to limit the number of weddings we were shooting, to ensure our 100% is given to the couple we are working with on any given week.

Secondly we have decided to close Monday's, so if you happen to call or mail on Monday, please leave any messages you have and Ev or I will come back to you on Tuesday straight away. We are building a soundproof box and all phones will be going into the box Saturday evening until Tuesday morning, we know you will understand in advance and again thank you