we shot michelle and eamon’s wedding back on new years day, had a great time and picked up some realy cool images along the way.

we have had this day booked for some time now and we were realy looking forward to working with michelle again, she loves this waterfall so we gave her the chance to get back in the dress and shoot an editorial trash the dress session.

Eamon came along for support but left the modelling to michelle and as you can see we picked up a following of onlookers as we went about our business.

michelle thank you for doing everything we suggested and coming up with great idea’s of your own, the session flew by and was awesome with totally cool work.

we have several sessions coming up over the next few months with more of our brides and we are looking forward to working with all your idea’s of where you would like the shoots to happen.

michelle and eamon much love!!  we will talk with you later19_3 20_3 22_3 28_3 29_3 32_3 33_3 35_3 36_3 37_3