In the winter edition of Love & Marriage there is a section on bijou weddings that makes for interesting reading, we see our couples having smaller more distintive weddings all the time and the this article helps along those lines.

The one thing thankfully writer Sarah Shinton suggests you do not cut back on is the photography and from the article I quote

“Your wedding album is a lasting memento of your special day.It is important that the photographer is booked on the strength of their portfolio rather than the limitations of your budget. It is not a rehearsal so it must be right on the day. Better to have an excellent photographer for a few hours than an average one for the whole day.”


we look to convey this to clients we meet and it must be said that couples we work with put a huge emphasis on their photography and say it is one of if not the most important parts of their day, its good to see such thoughts finally going to press in one of our national magazines