We shot our last wedding of 07 yesterday and can now take it easy until next year, well until next friday 4th because thats when our 08 campaign gets underway.

It has been an amazing year we thank all of our clients who we can say have become friends throughout the year for letting us into their lives on such a private but special day and allowing us to capture their moments in our way. Without delving to much into it between our clients and ourselves we are not just capturing some images from a wedding day, we are capturing a unique piece of time that will never be recreated again for many reasons which is a huge responcability and previledge for us to record this  capsule of your livesImg_7857web.

Our dairy for 08 is looking well like our 07 pretty full thank you to our new clients for taking the time to find us and meet with us to discuss their day and to the many that tried to work with myself and Evelyn but found the date was already taken.


We are looking forward to 08 as 3 major events are unfolding in the lives of Woodard Photography

Evelyn has developed a very succsessful Bump Shoot entourage she has been travelling an awful lot meeting and shooting ladies and their bumps with some fantastic results ( more on this to follow)

I am developing a fine art gallery body of work in my spare time which is being rolled out and presented in 08 which im realy looking forward to.

We are starting work on our studio in january which we are both looking forward to, our aim here is to take our lifestyle wedding imagery into portraits and create the same work for couples or families as we would with our wedding clients.

So all in all 07 was incredable and 08/09 is looking well exciting to say the least.

Myself and Evelyn hope that every wish that you have for yourselves for 08 comes to pass and the year ahead for you is happy and enjoyable.

Keith & Evelyn