We are so lucky to get to show you some of our favourite images from the day’s of our couples, so we got to thinking, lets do a little reversal and ask our clients to pick their favourite image that we took from the day and we will post the image here with a few words of the story behind the photograph.

when we met Norma & Brian after the wedding for their album review we were discussing the images and Norma just said this image was everything to her.

You can still see the child like daughter innocence of the look from Norma to her dad, and the smile of contentment on dads face, “think of all the things that have passed between us up to this moment and you have a very special moment captured in time, which will always be special “.

We had such a laugh while capturing all the shots around this time, Norma’s dad was convinced at the alter he would mess up the veil when he was lifting it off Norma’s face, so after several trial runs in the kitchen he finally got it right, hence the two smiles and the incredible contact between them in this image.

Just a complete pleasure to be around and capture.

E-mails have been and will be winging their way to our past couples asking them to comeback with their image and story and we are very much looking to share them with you here every now and then.